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One cannot deny that a sarkari naukri does come with great perks that private companies don’t offer. Unlike private companies where people check and respond to mails even after working hours, a government employee is far away from work after punching out. Talking about the incentives and pay commissions that are introduced periodically, the salary in government job isn’t dismal at all. Also, Government of India is very generous when it comes to holidays so one doesn’t needs to crib about leaves . Free medical facilities are one of the USP’s of being in a government job. Also one’s quality of life is ensured even after retirement by the means of pension.

Aspirants of government jobs have a wide variety of categories to choose from. Some of these categories are for the people with considerable passion for knowledge. These are education and research categories and both of these have their own individual perks. While being a teacher in government organization provides a solid paycheck with reasonable working hours, research jobs on the other hand provides freedom to follow one’s own instincts.

Teaching jobs under public sector comes with great benefits such as health insurance and pension plans. It is a great career opportunity specially for women because of the flexibility to make a balance between work and home. Being in an education field allows one to share the love of his/her favourite subject matter with the upcoming generations. Moreover, there will always be jobs available and downsizing is a rare occurrence in this field. One can also have a good vacation time which acts as an icing on the cake.

A research career is an excellent opportunity for people with desire of knowledge . One can improvise his/her skills and learn how to accommodate own researches in real world.

Online job portal AllGovNaukri has dispensed a dedicated section to these categories where aspirants can explore vacancies, qualifications required and apply for suitable jobs. They can subscribe to receive free job alerts and check previous year exam papers.